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Many anglers have a difficult time distinguishing the different trout species.
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Trout and Salmon Identification Guide
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Information about the Michigan Charter Service
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50 State Fishing Reports
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Dundee Sportsman's Club Inc. Glossary of Fishing Terminology  
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Top Ten Reasons for Participating in the Master Angler Tournaments  
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Tournament Tips to Identify your Fish  
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Ice Fishing Guide  
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Michigan Bait and Tackle Shops
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Crappie Fishing/Pan fishing Secrets  
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Current Stream Flows Daily Stream flow Conditions
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Michigan WaterWatch -- Current water resources conditions  
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Master angler Code of Practice Ethics  
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When trolling an area with steep drop-offs  
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 Jumping fishing

Click on Species Name For Annual Club Record Holder
 Identifying and Characteristics
Current Entry

Click on Sponsor Name For Current Club Record Holder
Northern Pike
12 lb 8 0z
18 lb 10 0z
6 lb 0 oz
Yellow Perch  
1 lb 1 oz
Lake Whitefish  
3 lb 2 oz
Lake Trout (Char) 10 oz
Brown Trout  
2 lb 3 oz
Trout From a Lake (Rainbow, etc)  
1 lb 2 oz
Trout from a Stream (Brook Trout)  
0 lb 11 oz
RedBreast Sunfish  
1 lb 0 oz
Largemouth Bass  
3 lb 8 oz
4 lb 6 oz
Rock Bass  
1 lb 10 oz
1 lb 2 oz
White Bass  
3 lb 2 oz
4 lb 7 oz
Chinook Salmon  
9 lb 2 oz
Coho Salmon  
13 lb 2 oz
Pink Salmon  
2 lb 2 oz
Atlantic Salmon  
7 lb 2 oz
All species of salmon  
11 lb 0 oz



 Jumping fishing

Click on Species Name For Annual Club Record Holder
 Identifying and Characteristics
Current Entry

Click on Sponsor Name For Current Club Record Holder
Trout from a Lake (On Fly)
1 lb 11 oz
Trout from a Stream (On Fly)  
3 lb 1 oz
All species of salmon (On Fly)  
12 lb 1/2 oz

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world's foremost outfitter

Family Fun Fishing Weekend

Master Angler Rules

Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources - Fishing





Snakehead Fish
Can you make a positive identification?

Marked and Tagged Fish
The DNR continually evaluates the migration, survival, and harvest of various fish stocks to provide more and healthier fish to sport anglers.

Mudpuppies are actually salamanders, large, permanently aquatic salamanders.

Master Angler Entries & State Records
Michigan Master Angler Awards are the records provided by proud anglers. Anyone that thinks they've caught the really big one, may enter their catch and maybe even beat the state record!

Michigan Fish and Their Common Names
You may know the names of your favorite catch, but do you know all the names of that species?

Where we stock fish
The Department of Natural Resources, rears fish at State fish Hatcheries and then stocks public waters with the various species. Look here to see if we've stocked your favorite fishing hole with your favorite sport fish.





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