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Welcome to the Dundee Sportsman's Club
The 11 basic steps to Archery:
| Eye Dominance | stance | Nocking the Arrow | Drawing Hand and Bow Hand |
| Bow Arm and PreDraw | Drawing the Bow | The Anchor | Holding and Aiming |
| The Release | Follow Through | Relaxing
Welcome to the Dundee Sportsman's Club
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Archery is my Life
Archery, Basic steps to Archery




Bow arm







Learn 10 archery safety rules including proper stance at the shooting line, equipment, range safety, clothing, and hair safety. Make sure safety rules are posted wherever you shoot. When group is using more than one target, use whistle signal system: one blast means to “start shooting,” two blasts means to “stop shooting and retrieve arrows,” and four blasts means *emergency, cease shooting.” Consult Safety-Wise. Learn the parts of an arrow and parts of a bow. Label a diagram of each. Learn to identify types of arrows including target arrows, field arrows, and hunting arrows. Find out the correct care for bow, arrows, bowstring, and leather items. Be able to explain how improper care could affect your safety. *Learn and discuss seven basic steps for shooting including stance, nock, draw, anchor at full draw, holding and aiming, release, and follow through. *Demonstrate your ability to shoot. Practice and improve your shooting skills. Consult with a knowledgeable person and appropriate books to improve your technique. Discuss what you did well and what you might do differently. Use finger tabs, arm guards, and quills. Design a target and try it out. Indicate scoring of the target. Discuss how you might improve your design in the future. Design an archery meet for Girl Scouts in your area. Find out the correct way to set up a shooting range. Share your archery skills with others. Demonstrate the proper shooting technique to someone else. Help teach someone else to shoot. Learn the definitions of the following archery terms: anchor point, bowyer, composite bow, compound bow, draw, fletch, guide feather, nock, overdraw, and quiver. Find out how to qualify for U.S Olympic tryouts for men and women. Learn how Federal International de Tir a L’Arc (FITA) range meets are set up. Go to a local sports store and find out the cost of basic archery equipment. Participate in an archery contest where you shoot at different distances during different rounds. Record your scores for each round.


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